Youth & Police Initiative

The Youth & Police Initiative (YPI) is a prevention program for at-risk high school and middle school youth, designed to meet them where they are and help them prepare for their future. YPI curriculum involves an honest discussion about peer pressure and positive decision-making relating to school, gangs, and drugs. Police officers lead the YPI program, building trust and rapport with students through dialogue, role-play and sharing perspectives. As teens and officers share life experiences, goals and dreams, communication increases and stereotypes decrease. The genuine sharing experience promotes sustainable relationships between police and youth.

The YPI program's target population are teens who are determined to be “at-risk” by school counselors, school leadership, and resource officers. YPI sessions are held at local Spokane schools, Excelsior Wellness Center, and Crosswalk Youth Shelter. The YPI program has a strong track record, boasting five years of success. More than 600 youth and 150 Spokane Police officers have participated in the 50-plus sessions in our community.

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Here is one of the YPI graduates and her testimony about the difference the program made in her life: